Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

               Student Support and Progression

Metric No.
5.4 Alumni Engagement



The Alumni Association and its Chapters (registered and functional) contribute significantly to the development of the institution through financial and other support services:

IEM Alumni Association, is a  registered body under the societies act and a non-profitable organization. In USA the organization is registered as IEM Foundation, a non-profitable organization and is headquartered in Washington to look after alumni welfare globally.

Contribution of the Alumni Association:

●  The alumni association has made a contribution of Rs. 1,03,10,000 which has granted free scholarships to deserving students and has helped by providing various aids like study material, stationery items, etc. 

●  The alumni association of IEM grants funds to innovative projects to aspiring students and thereby encourages Research & Development of the institute.

●  The alumni members have volunteered for various alumni talks thereby encouraging their successors to work harder and achieve greater goals.

●  The Alumni association has also arranged for guidance sessions where alumni members have shared their own journey of studying in IEM and then in other institutions and finally how they are coping with their work culture at their workplace.

●  Interested students also get ideas of how to officially register and get funding for start-ups from Alumni members of IEM who are currently working as successful entrepreneurs. 

●  The Alumni members also donate books and study materials  to the college library.





Alumni’s financial contribution during the year


A.   ≥ 15 Lakhs

B.   10 Lakhs – 15 Lakhs

C.    5 Lakhs – 10 Lakhs          Choose any one

D.   2 Lakhs – 5 Lakhs

E.   <2 Lakhs

File Description:

Option A  

Supporting document –



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