Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

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The institutional Strategic/ perspective plan is effectively circulated and Implemented

Describe one activity successfully implemented based on the strategic plan within a maximum of 200 words

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Strategic Plan and deployment documents on the website

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Different well defined strategy wise policies are framed according to the latest trend in technology and management and are effectively circulated amongst stakeholders

IEM’s strategic plans are envisioned mainly through the following points

* Planned improvement in the R & D cell of the Institute.

* Planned introduction of skill based trending technology oriented courses.

* Preparing and continuously improving Institute’s own MooCs platform IEMLEARNING.

* Improving IEMIEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center) facilities to encourage startups

* Introducing  special classes for higher studies & various competitive exams.


  1. R & D Cell:

**It has been observed that the students, who have proficient research papers available in their names, possess a maximum chance to get a scholarship to study in the top universities of the world. Hence IEM has started hosting more than 45 International Conferences where the faculties and students are encouraged to publish their research and project works. The registration fees of all published papers are completely reimbursed by the institute.

**This great initiative not only enhances publication numbers but also motivates students as well as faculties to ensure enriched research-based practice and knowledge production. Students are encouraged to publish at least one research paper based on their final year project in order to get their course completion certificate. Different incentive policies are introduced to draw the interest of the faculty members towards research like incentives for journal publication & book chapters. The registration fees towards these conferences are also reimbursed by the institute.

  1. Incentive Schemes

Intensive schemes are available for Patent filing, publishing in reputed Journals, Book and Conferences.

 Link for the Incentive scheme:

  1. IEMIEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Center): In order to comply with the Make in India Policy taken up by the Government of India, the institute encourages the students to explore their innovative minds in the IEM-IEDC lab which eventually encourage many students to start their own Start-Ups (82) and become able entrepreneurs. 

The link for the relevant documents:

Link of the image Paper Presentation :

  Link for List of Campus companies funded and Supported by IEM E-Cell:


Link for writeup for IEM-IEDC Lab :


Link for attendance sheet of Gate & Aptitude class: other years will be updated

Gate Class Attendance:


Aptitude attendance



The functioning of the various institutional bodies is effective and efficient as visible from the policies, administrative set-up, appointment and service rules, procedures, etc.

Delegations of responsibility – some of the key responsibility areas are identified and delegated at different levels – Administrative functions, Principal, Dean, HOD, Asst. HOD, Faculty Members.

  • Academic Council– the highest decision making body regarding all academic matters. 
  • Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC)- to assure the quality of teaching and learning and Governance is maintained to the best possible achievable standard through different committee activities, regular meetings and follow ups. 
  • Participatory Management-subcommittee for different functional activities comprises representatives of teachers, non-teaching staff, and students. It includes the involvement of the staff in organizing different programs of the college.
  • Faculty Development Programmes are organized by the college on a regular basis.
  • A performance appraisal system is practiced.
  • Promotion policy – college has a standard promotion policy which is followed.
  • Service rules–College extends the following benefits to the staff members mentioned below.

Provident fund–Each member of the staff shall subscribe to duly constituted College Provident Fund in accordance with the statutory rule.

Gratuity–College pays Gratuity to the staff members.

Pension scheme-

Service rule

  •   Performance Recognition-The institute gives performance recognition by way of

 monetary incentives, like, reimbursing conference registration fees for faculty and students, providing Ph.D. registration fees to candidates, felicitation of   retired staff members and by providing monthly pension to retired faculty members.

The link for the relevant Documents:

Link for Service Rule for College Employees:

Link for supporting document regarding the Appointment of Professor & Associate Professor and Assistant Professor:

Link for a flowchart of Administrative Setup:



 Implementation of e-governance in areas of operation

  1. Administration
  2. Finance and Accounts
  3. Student Admission and Support
  4. Examination



  1. All of the above
  2. Any 3 of the above
  3. Any 2 of the above
  4. Any 1 of the above
  5. None of the above


Option all of the above


Data Requirements: (As per Data Template)

  • Areas of e-governance


Finance and Accounts

Student Admission and Support


  • Name of the Vendor with contact details
  • Year of implementation

File Description (Upload)

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)Document
  • Screenshots of user interfaces
  • Any additional information

Details of implementation of e-governance in areas of operation, Administration etc(Data Template)

Data Template Link(Keep only one sheet)

 Link for the screenshot of Academic ERP:

 Link for the supporting document of Administration:

 Link for Supporting document for finance & Account:

 Link for  supporting documents regarding Student Admission & support :

 Link for Examination system in college:

 Link for the pdf of E-governance details of college:


Link for Service Rule for College Employees:

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