Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

Metric No.
2.2. Catering to Student Diversity



The institution assesses students’ learning levels and organizes special programmes for both slow and advanced learners:

 The institute identifies the learning level of the students by a standard/benchmark which is set as 55% marks in mid semester examinations. Students who are getting less than 55% marks are identified as slow learners.

●        9 bridge courses are conducted to meet the pre-requirements for the upcoming curriculum.

●        Institute provides video lectures of eminent professors; Noble laureates through different platforms like Coursera (free courses for 1000 students), NPTEL, IEM Learning (125 Courses), online lecture series and encourage students to do the courses for Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) which is mandatory in the curriculum.

●        Skill Development for Professionals (SDP) classes, special GATE coaching classes for higher studies for advanced learners.

●        The advanced learners are also encouraged to participate in various conferences and submit  research papers.

●        Induction Programs for all first year students are organized.

●        The institute has signed over 20 MoUs with different industries and universities  and in association with them different departments of the institute conduct workshops, seminars etc. on latest technologies.

●        Continuous lecture series by eminent professors across the globe, alumni, and industry experts are conducted through IEM-CONNECT programme and institutional distinguished lecture series.

●        Mini projects in each laboratory are assigned to the students by the faculty members related to curriculum subjects.

Link of the Relevant Documents are provided below:

1. Iem learning link:

2. Bridge Course B.TECH

3. Bridge Course BCA

4. Bridge Course BBA

5. Supporting documents for MOOCs (Coursera MoU) :

6. Skill Development for Professionals (SDP) , Essential Studies for Professional (ESP) & Special Gate Class details :

7. Sample routine:


9. Induction Program :

10. Link of MoUs with institutions, other universities, industries, corporate houses etc.

11. Workshop /seminar/industrial visit:

12.  Minutes of BOS:



Student – Teacher (full-time) ratio:





Number of full-time teacher


Total number

of students



Student : Full-time teacher ratio: 5052 : 309 = 16 : 1


Relevant links:

●       Student list:

●       Faculty list:


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