Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022




2.5. Evaluation Process and Reforms






























Number of days from the date of last semester-end/ year- end examination till the declaration of results during the year


Number of days from the date of last semester-end / year-end examination till the declaration of results year-wise during the year:


Date of the last semester-end / year-end examinations


Date of declaration of results of semester-end/year-end examinations 

Number of days taken for declaration of results of semester-end/year-end examinations 


Odd Semester 2021

March 2, 2022

April 12,2022


Even Semester 2022

August 3,2022

August 25,2022



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Number of students’ complaints/grievances against evaluation against the total number who appeared in the examinations during the year:




Odd Sem 2021 – 23

Even Sem 2022 – 82


Link for the number of complaints and total number of students who appeared for exams during the year:

IT integration and reforms in the examination procedures and processes including Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA) have brought in considerable improvement in the Examination Management System (EMS) of the Institution:

Internal Assessment is done using the following methods:


       At college level two mid-term tests in a semester are conducted for internal  evaluation.

       The procedure & guidelines of evaluation are given to the teachers for both theory & practical exams.

       Evaluation of copies are done by teachers and copies are shown to students to make them aware of the errors in their answer scripts. Students are encouraged to express their doubts, if any, in the evaluation to the notice of concerned teachers.

       Surprise tests, online tests (through IEMCRP) are conducted for assessment.

       Examination routine is given well ahead of the commencement of the exam. Peer review of question papers is done.

       Examinations are held under strict invigilation.

       The marks are then displayed department wise and a copy of the marks is sent to the Controller of the Examination Section.

       Internal assessment is done by giving assignments to students at certain intervals and the students are assessed on the basis of assignments.

       The weightage is taken from all the above modes of assessment and total marks out of 100 is sent as internal assessment marks to the COE section at the end of the semester.  30 % of these marks is taken as internal assessment weightage for end semester evaluation.

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