Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

Metric No. 3.3 Innovation Ecosystem



Institution has created an ecosystem for innovations and creation and transfer of knowledge supported by dedicated centres for research, entrepreneurship, community orientation, incubation, etc.

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Institute of Engineering and Management (IEM) Kolkata has always provided numerous opportunities to its students and supported them to shape their ideas into reality since its inception through a number of student bodies, clubs and project labs. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell (IEM-IEDC), funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India, and all other innovation labs like Augmented and Virtual Reality Lab, Advanced Material Research Lab, Antenna Design Lab, IoT Lab, Information Security and Application Development Lab have always reinforced creativity, fortified innovation and mentored students to work with cutting-edge technologies and indorse their entrepreneurial spirits. The foremost objective is to form a student community that fosters the Research and Product Development culture. In addition, those labs conduct different activities like Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp, Experts Talk, Webinars, Tech-Fest (Innovacion), Poster competition and also encourage students to actively participate in various competitions organized by government or non-government organizations. Outreach programs are also organized in collaboration with the industrial giants like TCS Innovation Lab, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and PwC. Furthermore, IEM Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) supports more than 200 startups every year, ensuring that the students receive the right guidance and proper mentorship.


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