Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

Metric No.3.5 Consultancy



Revenue generated from consultancy and corporate training during the year (INR in lakhs):549.30785

Data Requirement:

●       Names of the consultants / corporate trainers

●       Name of the consultancy project / corporate training

●       Consulting/Sponsoring agency with contact details

●       Revenue generated (amount in lakhs of rupees)

●       Total revenue generated in lakhs of rupees

File Description:

Upload the data template:

Link of Audited statements of accounts indicating the revenue generated through consultancy and corporate training:

●       List of consultants and revenue generated by them

●       Any additional information




Total amount spent on developing facilities, training teachers and clerical/project staff for undertaking consultancy during the year :8645583

Information Requirement:

●       Facility developed and amount spent

●       Training programmes for teachers for undertaking consultancy

●       Training programme for clerical/project staff for supporting activities related to consultancy

●       Total expenditure on training teachers and staff for consultancy

File Description:

Link of Audited statements of accounts indicating the expenditure incurred on developing facilities and training teachers and staff for undertaking consultancy:

●       List of training programmes, teachers and staff trained for undertaking consultancy

●       List of facilities and staff available for undertaking consultancy

●       Any additional information

Note: Data template is not applicable to this metric.

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