Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2020-2021

AQAR (Part-A)

1.Data of the Institution
Name of the head of the Institution Prof. (Dr.) Satyajit Chakrabarti
Designation Director
Does the Institution function from own campus Yes
Phone no/Alternate Phone no. 03323572969
Mobile no. 9903846956
Registered Email [email protected]
Alternate Email [email protected]
Address Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Sector – V, Salt Lake.
City/Town Kolkata
State/UT West Bengal
Pin code 700091
  2.Institutional status:
Affiliated /Constituent: Affiliated
Type of Institution Co-education
Location Urban
Financial Status Self – Financing
Name of the Affiliating University Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University Of Technology
Name of the IQAC Coordinator Prof. (Dr.) Arun Kumar Bar & Prof. (Dr.) Sanghamitra Poddar
Phone no. 9433310775
Alternative Phone Number  9163584977
Mobile: 9433586880
IQAC e-mail address [email protected]
Alternate Email address [email protected]
  3.Website address:
Web-link of the AQAR: (Previous Academic Year)
4.Whether Academic Calendar prepared during the year Yes
If yes, whether it is uploaded in institutional website Weblink
5.Accreditation Details:
Cycle     Grade CGPA Year of Accreditation Validity
Period From Period To
Cycle 1 A 3.25 2017 09/06/2017 08/06/2022
6. Date of Establishment of IQAC: 30/04/2015
7.Provide the list of funds by Central/ State Government- UGC/CSIR/DST/DBT/ICMR/TEQIP/World Bank/CPE of UGC etc.



Scheme Funding Agency Year of award with duration Amount (in Lakhs)
Prof. Amartya Mukherjee, Prof. Ayan Kumar Panja Research Project Ericsson India Global Services Private Limited 6372000
Prof. G. S. Taki Research Project AICTE 3 1600000
8.Whether composition of IQAC as per latest NAAC guidelines Yes
Upload latest notification of formation of IQAC
9.No. of IQAC meetings held during the year 4
Were the minutes of IQAC meeting(s) and compliance to the decisions uploaded on the institutional website? (If No, please upload the minutes of the meeting(s) and Action Taken Report.) Yes
10.Whether IQAC received funding from any of the funding agencies to support its activities during the year? Yes 
If yes, mention the amount:  Year   Rs 30,000
11.Significant contributions made by IQAC during the current year (maximum five bullets)
  • Successful planning & conduction of online classes & examination as well evaluation.
  • Improvement in NIRF Ranking from 191 to 169. 
  • Successful introduction and running of new courses which are in trend and demand in the field of technology and management like Computer Science And Business System, Computer Science And Engineering (Internet of Things And Cyber Security Including Block Chain Technology), Computer Science And Engineering (IOT), Computer Science And Engineering( Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning)
  • Conducting rigorous Academic Audit & Green Audit.
  • Implementation of Tri Mentoring through the  IEMCONNECT Program.
12.Plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the Academic year towards Quality Enhancement and the outcome achieved by the end of the Academic year

Plan of Action

  • Significantly increase the number and  quality  of publications by organising seminars /FDP on Research Methodology, writing papers etc.
  • Increased the number & quality of publications & few new conferences were planned and incentive policies were framed.
  • Sensitization of faculty & staff members towards NIRF requirements and collection of data in proper format.
  • Improvement in NIRF Ranking. 
  • Startup policies to promote innovation & startup projects
  • Significant  increase  the number of startups
  • Creating an Energy friendly campus & improving on the existing energy friendly facilities 
  • Significant reduction in power consumption due to implementation of solar cells, LED lights & sensor based lights.
  • Conducting Green Audit
  • Improvement in  environmental awareness.
  • Examination reforms
  • Workshops/ seminar organized for all teachers on Question paper setting as per Bloom’s taxonomy & predefined course outcome.
  • Online uploading of attendance and internal marks.
  • Digitization of the examination process.
  • Successful implementation of attainment of course outcomes  &  individual facilities.
  • Feedback analysis from various stakeholders
  • IQAC has been periodically involved in obtaining & analyzing the feedback from various stakeholders students, guardians, employers & alumni etc. and immediate implementations of  the suggestions were carried out.
13. Whether AQAR was placed before a statutory body? Yes
Name of Statutory Body Date of meeting(s) Governing Body 17/11/2021
14. Whether institutional data submitted to AISHE: Yes
Year Date of Submission 2019 24-02-2020

Extended Profile

1.1 Number of courses offered by the institution across all programs during the year 17
File Description Documents
Data Template View File
2.1 Number of students during the year 4535
File Description Documents
Institutional Data in Prescribed Format View File
2.2 Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI/ State Govt. rule during the year 0
File Description Documents
Data Template View File
2.3 Number of outgoing/ final year students during the year 1262
File Description Documents
Data Template View File
3.1 Number of full time teachers during the year 252
File Description Documents
Data Template View File
3.2 Number of sanctioned posts during the year 30
File Description Documents
Data Template View File
4. Institution
4.1 Total number of Classrooms and Seminar halls 82
4.2 Total expenditure excluding salary during the year (INR in lakhs) 33830
4.3 Total number of computers on campus for academic purposes 2146