Criterion 1.1

1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation

Metric No.




The Institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well-planned and documented process

The institute is currently having the following mechanisms for effective delivery of curriculum

  1. Before academic session/semester starts, departmental meetings are held in every department in which the subjects are distributed to the teachers after discussion with them.
  2. Teachers prepare their course material and upload in IEMCRP ( and IEMLEARNING ( according to the syllabus allotted and routine.
  3. We have a wi-fi enabled central library working on KOHA software with an open access system working 24×7. The institute has registered for NPTEL (National Programme On Technology Enhanced Learning) where students can have the access of e-learning through online Web and Video courses for various streams.
  4. Daily online class tests through CRP, mid-semester examinations, two semester viva, regular assessment, viva-voce, remedial and tutorial classes in practical classes are done to monitor the improvement of students.
  5. The Board of studies (BOS) at PG & UG Levels consists of members from industry, expert faculty and student alumni. The feedback collected from students, employer, alumni and faculty for curriculum and suggestions are placed in BOS meetings. Analysis of all collected feedback done on employability and value-based education.
  1. Class Routine: Click Here

  2. IEMLEARNING: Click Here

  3. NPTEL: Click Here 

  4. Class and online test taken through IEMCRP: Click Here

  5. Feedbacks(URL of Institute Website for Feedback):

     6. Minutes of BOS: Click Here 

     7. Departmental MOM: Click Here

     8. Link for physical accession of Library: Click Here

a. Link for the Number of users using library through e-access(From July 2020 to December 2020 ): Click Here

b. Link for the Number of users using library through e-access(From January 2021to July 2021): Click Here

c. Link for the KOHA register used  by students in daily basis: Click Here




The institution adheres to the academic calendar including for the conduct of Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE)

Before commencement of the academic year, the Institution prepares and publishes an ‘Academic calendar’. The academic calendar is published on the website of the college and displayed in the notice boards. The students’ academic progress is monitored regularly by adopting the strategy of continuous internal evaluation, seminars, project work, test and semester examinations. For the implementation of the Internal Assessment Process, Examination committee is formed at the college level which monitors the overall internal assessment process.

Measurement of academic progress of the students is done by internal assessment, result analysis, attendance and project through academic units and functionaries

  • Student’s feedback –Institution conducts student feedback process every semester to improve teaching quality, infrastructure and the entire learning experience.
  • Parent teacher meeting/monitoring – Parents are invited at least once in a semester to discuss the progress of their wards.
  • Mentoring: – The faculty regularly interacts with the assigned students to access and monitor the progress of each student.
  • Internal academic audit – Regular academic audit (internal/external) are conducted. Audit reports are reviewed and approved by management and thus suggesting improvements.
  • Student’s academic evaluation– Each theory class followed workbook assignment as well as Google classroom assignment and IEMCRP online quiz test for performance evaluation.

i. Academic Calendar: Click Here 

ii. Class and online test taken through IEMCRP: Click Here 

iii. Exam Routines: Click Here



Teachers of the Institution participate in following activities related to curriculum development and assessment of the affiliating University and/are represented on the following academic bodies during the year
Year 2020-21
Number 24

1.   Academic council/BoS of Affiliating University

2.   Setting of question papers for UG/PG programs

3.   Design and Development of Curriculum for Add on/ certificate/ Diploma Courses

4.   Assessment /evaluation process of the affiliating University Options

  1. All of the above
  2. Any 3 of the above
  3. Any 2 of the above
  4. Any 1 of the above
  5. None of the above
  • Number of teachers participated
  • Name of the body in which full time teacher participated
  • Total number of teachers

Documents: Upload the scanned copies of the letters issued by the affiliating university / institutions w.r.t the activity in which the teachers are involved.

  • Details of participation of teachers in various bodies/activities provided asa response to the metric
  • Any additional information

Link for the Excel Sheet : Click Here