Annual Quality Assurance Report(AQAR) - 2021-2022

Criterion 4.3

 4.3-IT Infrastructure

Metric No  


Institution frequently updates its IT facilities including Wi-Fi
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Internet service is available for both faculty and students on the campus with 2.4 GBPS line. All systems in the campus have internet facility on them. The college provides internet facility to all faculty members in all systems of the institute irrespective of the departments to preserve and download materials for academic purposes as and when required. All faculty members are provided with their personal computers. The principal’s office, Administrative office, Placement section- all enjoy internet facilities. Uninterrupted power supply is made available on the campus to access the internet without hindrance. Wi-Fi connectivity is available in and around the campus. Wi-Fi is also available in all the hostels. Computer systems are upgraded with the latest software once every 3 years. Obsolete computers are duly replaced, and new ones are procured. The cost provisions are also made on a sufficiently broader scale for this in the annual budget. Also we have updated our service from c All systems are duly monitored. Students are also taught to use them with utmost care and precaution.

The link for the relevant documents are provided below:



Student – Computer ratio

Number of students : Number of Computers Data Requirements:

  • Number of computers in working condition: (2146)
  • Total Number of students (4287)

File Description

  • Student – computer ratio

Number of students : Number of Computers  ——   2:1

The link for the relevant documents is provided below :

Link for Ipads Bills: Click Here

Link for computer accessories bills : Click Here



Bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution


  1.  ≥ 50MBPS
  2.  30 – 50MBPS
  3. 10 – 30MBPS
  4. 10 – 5MBPS
  5. < 5MBPS
  •         Available internet bandwidth

File Description

  •     Details of available bandwidth of internet connection in the Institution
  1. >=50 M
  2. 30 MBPS – 50 MBPS
  3. 10 MBPS – 30 MBPS
  4. 10 MBPS – 05 MBPS
  5. < 05 MBPS

The link for the relevant document is provided below:

Link of  the Internet bills of College : Click Here

Link of the E Copy of agreement with service provider : Click Here