Criterion 1.2

1.2 Academic Flexibility

Metric No.


Number of Programmes in which Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)/ elective course system has been implemented
  1. Number of Programmes in which CBCS/ Elective course system implemented.
Year 2020-21
Number 224
  • Name of all Programmers adopting CBCS
  • Name of all Programmes adopting elective course system

Minutes of relevant Academic Council/ BOS meetings

Institutional data in prescribed format 

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Number of Add on /Certificate programs offered during the year How many Add on /Certificate programs are added during the year.
Data requirement for year:
The template is combined with 1.2.3 
Year 2020-21
Number 1532
  • Names of the Add on /Certificate programs with 30 or more contact hours 
  • No. of times offered during the same year 
  • Total no. of students completing the course in the year 
  1. Certificate Courses: Click Here

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Number of students enrolled in Certificate/ Add-on programs as against the total number of students during the year
  1. Number of students enrolled in subject related Certificate or Add-on programs during the year
Year 2020-2021
Number 7294

Data Requirement: (As per Data Template)

  • Total number of students enrolled in certificate / Add –on programs
  • Total number of students across all the programs
File Description
  • Details of the students enrolled in Subjects related to certificate/Add-on programs
  1. Certificate Courses: Click Here

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